Crop Camp
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 If you wish to make a payment with a credit card or PayPal  for a Fall or Spring Crop Camp event,
 please go to the bottom of the page and find the PayPal link.

T-shirt ordering information will be emailed to you prior to each Crop Camp event. 
Please check back at that time. 

Link to order shirts is located below photos of examples. 
Please note the v-neck is a different color then the other shirts. 

PayPal fees will be applied at checkout. Thank you
 Deposit: Fall Deposit $53  
 Crop and Stay Package Options:  
 Crop and Stay Thursday-Sunday $218
Crop and Stay Thursday-Sunday balance due: $165.
 Crop and Stay Friday-Sunday pay in full $166.  
 Crop an Stay Friday-Sunday balance due $113.  
 Crop and Go Package Options:   
 Crop and Go Thursday-Sunday pay in full: $136.  
Crop and Go Thursday-Sunday balance due: $83
 Crop and Go Friday-Sunday pay in full: $106  
 Crop and Go Friday-Sunday balance due: $53  

Spring Crop Camp Payment Options
Thursday evening - Sunday Crop, no hotel or meals provided $90 payment in full, OR you may make a $50 deposit to hold your spot and then your $40 balance will be due by March 15th.
For PayPal payment, select from the options below, fees will apply

 $53 deposit for Spring Crop Camp

$43 balance due to Spring Crop Camp

$96 Pay in full Spring Crop Camp