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 If you wish to make a payment with a credit card or PayPal  for a Spring or Fall Crop Camp event,
 please go to the bottom of the page and find the PayPal link.


Spring Crop Camp
Friday- Sunday Crop, no hotel or meals provided $90 
payment in full only.
For PayPal payment of $90 plus $5 fees select
Buy Now below.



Fall Crop Camp -all pricing includes meals
Crop n Stay Thur-Sunday $190                          Crop n Stay Friday-Sunday $150
Crop n Go  Thur-Sunday $130                            Crop n Go Fri-Sunday $100
An additional  PayPal fee is charged for PayPal payments and is already figured into the payment button below.  You can also mail your payment to Crop Camp and the information is at the bottom of your registration form.

Fall Crop Camp Payment Instructions...
Select option in the drop down menu, and hit "Buy Now" button. If  only making a deposit you can return at a later time, prior to balance due date to pay the balance due.  Thank you for your payment
Deposit or Balance Fall Crop Camp